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Deliver customized services to plan and design kitchen but also after-sales service .Even more pioneered periodic inspection permanently in kitchen industry to ensure that customers are safe to use and offer culinary teaching at home.

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After-sales service
  • Provide instruction on the use of electrical appliance individually, meanwhile contact with clients to impact retail of metals, appliance and daily maintain actively.

    (Due to defect product need to maintain, we will understand the situation within 48 hours.)
  • Provide 2-year limited warranty of top kitchen - allmilmö and störmer also free parts repair or shipping.

    (If the damage by human negligence (overheating, humidity), improper operation and installation, it is not covered by the warranty.)
  • DERYI international provide elaborate and high quality service including communicating with customers, drawn the blueprint, planning the design and measuring the design.

  • Install the kitchen for clients flexibly to satisfy their step.


To improve the quality of kitchenware, DERYI international provide periodic inspection permanently to customers are safe to use and keep in touch clients actively.


DERYI international pioneer“private chef at my home “in the industry, after install the kitchen, we'll arrange the chef teach clients how to use appliance and cook at own home. Provide private chef recipe to banquet at home conveniently and easily.